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  1. Antique Inspired Marquise Cut Diamond Ring
    As low as $1,933.00
  2. Art Deco Inspired Pear Diamond Ring
    As low as $3,088.00
  3. Platinum Art Deco Inspired Diamond Ring
    As low as $22,104.00
  4. Cushion Shape Art Deco Diamond Ring
    As low as $1,422.00
  5. Antique Inspired Platinum Halo Ring
    As low as $1,430.00
  6. Antique Inspired Platinum Halo Diamond Ring
    As low as $1,000.00
  7. Marquise Shape Art Deco Inspired Engagement Ring With Ruby
    As low as $2,505.00
  8. Platinum Art Deco Inspired Octagonal shaped Ring
    As low as $1,000.00
  9. Art Deco Style Diamond Ring
    As low as $1,000.00
  10. Antique Flower Engagement Ring
    As low as $1,000.00
  11. Art Deco Inspired Hexagon Halo Ring
    As low as $4,568.00
  12. Rectangle Art Deco Style Ring With Ruby Center Stone
    As low as $1,000.00
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Vintage Engagement Rings 

Are you looking for a romantic engagement ring?

Then you are in the right place. Shahin Jewelry is professional in making vintage style engagement rings.

Nowadays, modern engagement ring manufacturers have analyzed and reproduced the most beautiful of these vintage style engagement rings designs.

Vintage engagement rings are a reflection of the beauty and passion of antique jewelry styles. Here in Shahin Jewelry we are making each unique vintage ring as an intricate ring which is inspired by an unforgettable fashion from history.

Whether you choose a geometric Art Deco ring or a mid-century modern design; the style of your vintage engagement rings will make a statement on your finger...

Our vintage style engagement rings reflect the art of hand-craft artists who make the jewelry pieces with details of milgrain and delicate engraving. Our vintage inspired engagement rings display the taste of yesterday, with a combination of quality and superb craftsmanship.

Our vintage style engagement rings  have a diversity of styles all fit with today’s bride’s expectation when she accepts a proposal. On the other hand also the investment and value of a ring with precious stones is considered for when it gets passed down to the next generation.

Shahin Jewelry Vintage Engagement Ring collection includes a range of different halo shapes, as well as solitaire styles, matching wedding sets, rings with color stones, styles in two-tone gold, platinum as well as pavé engagement rings and channel-set engagement rings. From simple to intricate designs, you’ll find an unique selection of timeless rings at Shahin Jewelry.

Customized your Vintage Engagement Rings

In Shahin Jewelry you can select the ring style that robbed your heart. Then you can personalize it with a loose diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or any other stone in the size, shape and color that fits your budget and perfectly completes your vintage-inspired engagement rings like our other jewelry pieces.

Quality of Diamonds and Stones of Shahin Jewelry Vintage Engagement Rings 

Shahin Jewelry buys directly from the diamond and stone suppliers, buying thousands of diamonds, and high quality stones with the best prices. And we have diamond professionals here who pick up the prettiest diamonds and stones, so you can make sure that you will receive the most beautiful diamond and stones for your budget.

Common terms used for vintage-inspired engagement rings:

When you are going to shop for a vintage style engagement rings, you should know some terms.


Milgrain: There are tiny dots along the edges of a vintage jewelry piece which is called milgrain. Milgrain is a jewelry manufacturing technique where small beads of metal are used to create borders. Usually connected with unique details by skilled jewelers, milgrain is a popular look for vintage engagement rings.

Filigree: Most of the vintage style engagement rings just can’t do without this embellishment. But may a ring have less pronounced filigree, yet it should be there in the first place. This is something that is necessary artisanal touch and corresponds to a particular era.

Most of vintage engagement rings include metalwork that aspects motifs and designs. From flowers to leaves and birds can be found in this style of incredible detailing on this style of engagement rings .

Yellow Gold Band: Yellow gold is actually the traditional and classic selection for vintage ring bands, whilst white gold is a popular choice for modern engagement rings.



The side-stones also are important for a ring to be a true vintage style.  The small diamonds which surround the center stone should match the era, cut, and overall style.


Remember, you may like a handcrafted vintage center stone ring, but if the side-stones don’t match, you’re not getting a genuine vintage style rings.


Halo: This is a setting style which features the center stone of a ring fully embedded by smaller diamonds or stones.



Under-Gallery is the section underneath the center stone. It’s the part of the setting that sits atop your finger when you are wearing the ring.

The under-gallery also has to feature intricate detail; some rings have filigree there as well. There are different levels of details or the types of embellishment in the under-gallery from one era to another.

We are happy to tell you that all of Shahin Jewelry Vintage Style Engagement Rings have a very nice under-gallery.


Emerald Cut/Shape:

This is an old technique which is backed to the 1500s. In this style there is a rectangular face with stepped facets.


Princess Cut/Shape:

In the 1960s the princess cut style was very popular and since that time has become a favorite style of vintage inspired engagement rings.




Most vintage and vintage style rings come as singles. It’s mean, most rings that fit the criteria have two or more vintage diamonds.


The popular setting is a single large diamond surrounded by a diamond-encrusted halo. Sometimes rings are set with two or three bigger diamonds. And all the stones need to date back to the correct era.


Remember that these rings have a total carat weight of small diamonds and a center stone carat weight.


Of course, it’s okay for the halo to feature other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds or any other stone. Their color will accent the cut, brilliance, and clarity of the center stone.


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