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About Shahin Jewelry

What does “SHAHIN” mean?

SHAHIN is a Persian origin name referring the falcon. In Persian “SHAHIN” means “Like a King”, also was a senior general of Persian Empire.

The SHAHIN’s story

Prior to founding Shahin Co., LTD, Shahin Naderian was involved in a family Jewelry business which had been started in 1969. Shahin Naderian started his own jewelry business in his early ages. His talent helped him to improve very fast and gain numerous experiences, so that he was able to help many new companies to start up and develop many old companies’ production line.

Shahin Company

Shahin Co., LTD was established in 2013 by Mr. Shahin Naderian in Bangkok, Thailand and grew tremendously. By the time Shahin Company became a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of jewelry in wide ranges of Gold colors and purities which are ornamented by conflict free Diamonds and gemstones in all kinds.

Shahin Company team which is lead personally by Shahin Naderian, are among the best who are qualified to provide full customer satisfaction for jewelry wholesalers, retailers or the end users. Shahin’s team are working hard to unleash the purity of jewels and bring the majestic of the luxurious life to our unique customers by providing customers with the royal high quality jewelry through continuous design and quality improvement.

 Each piece of Shahin jewelry is unique and involves lots of time and skills. All steps for finishing our pieces are done in house, starting from designing and followed by casting until final polishing and plating. Below you’ll find more on production step:

  • Concept
  • Sketching
  • Wax hand Making/ 3D Designing
  • Wax Mold Making/ 3D printing
  • Production Planning
  • Casting
  • Filing
  • Polishing
  • Stone Cutting
  • Diamond/ Stone sorting
  • Setting stones/Diamonds
  • Final Polishing and Plating
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging
  • Shipment


Corporate Social Responsibility

Shahin Company believes that any business in the world are responsible to take care of the communities’ well-being in the right of having good life for everyone, following that, since 1969, philanthropy and the spirit of giving has remained a fundamental belief at Shahin Company. Currently, Shahin Company feels obligated to contribute 5% of its net profit for charity by helping NGOs who are working to provide education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and campaigns helping the involuntary crime prisoners.

Our Teams

New Collections

Classic Gemstone Line Bracelet - Shahin Jewelry
Art Deco Inspired Octagon Ring with Diamond and Gemstone - Shahin Jewelry

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